Marelize van Tonder, 2 July 2021

Tanya, you move my heart;

In my lifetime I have met very few people with so much care and compassion, you are an Angel.

I am grateful with all my heart and feel so blessed and honoured for the privilege to have crossed paths with you.

I really need to share with you what you brought back into my life.

You know how low I was when you first connected with me,

I was so scared and lost and did not know where to turn, I lost hope and gave up on my dream of launching my ultimate business dream,

then I connected with you, I did not think that people like you exist anymore,

you treat me with respect and you care despite of what you deal with in your own life and in a job filled with so many heartache and challenges daily.

You gave me back the hope, self esteem and courage to move forward and as I write this I am busy with proposals leading to finalising the first stage in setting up a business that will create thousands of jobs and feed even more children and people in need.

I am grateful beyond words Tanya, you not only saved me and my boys, you inspire me to get up and be better every day filled with hope and a restored faith in humanity.

I am forever grateful!

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