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Excellent Service and Speedy process.

My name is Diana I would like to thank and appreciate Odele Roelofse at Debt care for being so helpful, her speeding up my application to ensure that I am financial free, I received my Clearance certificate and I am very greatful for her assistance. She is the best, very professional and goes exra mile for customers.

- Diana M,
14 June 2022
Debt Care. Tania Mac Donald has been absolutely amazing. She never hesitated to walk the extra mile. I will definitely recommend her service to anyone in need of it. Thank you Tania! You have been way more than a consultant!
- Chantylle,
24 February 2022
You are absolutely amazing Mareschal!!. I have never ever had such an amazing experience calling a debt counsellor about a client. I truly wish I could bring you flowers. Love these vibes. Thank you and have a lovely day further.
- ,
24 February 2022
I honestly and from the bottom of my heart want to send a heartfelt thank you to Adrian Swanepoel from your offices. I have never come across anyone in my entire life that has helped me more than Adrian has in the past 2 years. Every single time I needed help, had a concern, question or problem Adrian has been right there to assist immediately and with absolute grace and kindness. Debtcare has been the best thing that could have possibly have happened to me after the devastating effects of COVID19 and in the 1 and half years I have been registered for Debt review, I have not seen such amazing and caring services, especially since having to undergo debt review is exceptionally stressful and daunting. I want to thank you honestly, although that does not seem sufficient and thank you to Adrian who I could not imagine getting through such a tough time without. You are doing the best job! Thank you so much. Best, Mel
- Mel,
24 February 2022
Debt care helps. Debt care has helped me a lot, their patience and time they took with me. Professionals indeed thank you very much. Thank you all and more especially Ongezwa, she's juts the best. Thank you and keep on helping others. Well done Ongi, keep up the great customer service.
- Channel,
15 February 2022
Just a heartfelt gratitude email to Nicole Moosa for always promptly responding, displaying empathy regardless of how anxious and tense my responses were and for being there every step - even though I know she is inundated with queries/requests for assistance. She's always shown professionalism. Thank you Nicole. I am grateful to have met someone as reassuring as you. Not easy to come by and I hope your company cherishes you. Warmest regards and wishes for a successful path
- Dominic,
11 February 2022
Great friendly service

We just want to say a huge thank you to Tania McDonald and her team at Debt Care. We had the best service up to date with them and are ever grateful that you guys came across our paths. Thank you once again...keep up the good work!
- Chantelle G,
18 November 2021
Fantastic Service

With Tania Mac Donald's help I was able to understand the process and make sense of it all. She is friendly and efficient and I thank her for her support. I hope her manager takes good care of her, employees going over and above what is expected form them is truly rare. Keep up the fantastic work Tania, you are making a positive difference in peoples lives. Thank you.
- Jacqi D,
12 November 2021
Great Experience

I had an amazing experience with Debt Care with assistance from Adrian and Ongezwa. Ongezwa kept me informed and updated on the processes. I'm not debt free. I would recommend Debt Care for sure. Thanks Team.
- Amukelani M,
4 November 2021
Debt Free

I have had a very good experience with Debt Care, the whole team is very helpful and always there to give advice of listen. Thank you Debt Car for all the assistance and for helping us become debt free.
- Bernadine V,
16 September 2021

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