Mel, 24 February 2022

I honestly and from the bottom of my heart want to send a heartfelt thank you to Adrian Swanepoel from your offices. I have never come across anyone in my entire life that has helped me more than Adrian has in the past 2 years.

Every single time I needed help, had a concern, question or problem Adrian has been right there to assist immediately and with absolute grace and kindness.

Debtcare has been the best thing that could have possibly have happened to me after the devastating effects of COVID19 and in the 1 and half years I have been registered for Debt review, I have not seen such amazing and caring services, especially since having to undergo debt review is exceptionally stressful and daunting.

I want to thank you honestly, although that does not seem sufficient and thank you to Adrian who I could not imagine getting through such a tough time without.

You are doing the best job! Thank you so much.