Jaco S, 26 May 2021, 08:51

Most Excellent service from ngezwa Sisusa

I would just like to mention the absolute gem of a person that Debt Care have in Ongezwa Sisusa. I have been assisting my wife through here final months of debt review and have taken over communicating with Debt Care. The reason for this is that we’ve not had a very positive experience with the company and the process up to that point. I was fortunate to come into contact with the very knowledgeable and compassionate Ongezwa Sisusa. From helping me to understand the current state of affairs, at that point, to helping with getting account statements and doing recons on outstanding amounts and payments made, and subsequent picking up and correcting of errors, Ongezwa was throughout very helpful and responded so quickly, I was beginning to think that she was assigned only to our case. We have finally gotten a final clearance certificate yesterday, saying that my wife is free and clear of all debt, which was a huge relief. Ongezwa, on her part, dealt with all my many emails with absolute care and diligence, which was quite frankly, quite unexpected. I do hope this message find it’s way to her superiors and that they use her as an example of how to treat clients.

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