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  DEBT CARE GREAT COMPANY I would like to take time to thank DEBT CARE for assisting me. I applied for Debt Review did the application and they did the assessment for me for free. They advise me that they can assist me, but it would be pointless to pay the fees to them as I was not that much overindebted. They instead told me and show me how I need to manage my accounts better. I did what they told me, and I cannot believe that it is working out for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEBT CARE FOR SHOWING ME THE KIND COMPANY THAT YOU ARE.  
- Susana, 5 August 2020
  I have been on debt review for just over 3 years with DebtCare and they have really gone out of their way to support me with all my financial needs. I have paid a few accounts off and they are always giving advice on what next to settle so that all my accounts can be settled asap. I have been dealing with Nicole De Kock and she is brilliant. Always answering and attending to any query i have quickly and efficiently. Really great company if you need financial assistance.  
- Alicia, 31 July 2020
  What an excellent service I have received from Ongezwa Sisusa after I paid up all my creditors and forwarded her my paid-up letters. She immediately responded to my email and answered all the questions I had for Debt Care, within 48 hours my clearance was sent to me and an email confirming that all my docs are sent to the credit bureau. I was so impressed about the way she explained the time frame for my profile as I thought that this will take another 6 months for my profile to be updated. Ongezwa had a perfect way of calming my stresses down. She had the persevering attitude towards me and that made me feel referring all my friends and colleagues to Debt Care. Thank you so much for your services and keep up doing the good work, may God bless you.  
- Kholeka, 24 July 2020
  Best company ever!! Debtcare stuck with me for 5 years. Answered literally hundreds of questions!! Exceptional service from Cadle and Maritza!! Always replied to every single email. Anyways assisted with anything I needed. An extremely helpful team who help you from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for better  
- Paige – 16 July 2020
  Deciding to approach for debt consolidation is never easy. It also means that you are not at a very good point in your life financially. The team at Debt Care have been very professional from the very beginning and made everything easy. I especially would like to mention a lady by the name of Tania MacDonald. She has been exceptionally efficient and professional, and whenever I approached her with any inquiry, it was always attended to with such haste. I have now come to the point of having all my debt struggles sorted with the help of Debt Care and this amazing lady (Tania MacDonald), and her proficient work ethic. I would like to thank her and the Debt Care team for everything they have done and would recommend them.  
- Shamiel S, 8 July 2020

To Whom it may concern,

My name is Megan Hammond, a month ago I submitted a request for one of your debt consultants to contact me, as I was struggling with my financial situation. Kurt Nicholas was my point of contact, and I would just really like to commend him on his great work, start to finnish. I have had a fantastic experience with him, he has flawlessly managed to sort everything out for me, without me having to put in any effort. Each time I have needed assistance from him, he has gone above and beyond to assist me. You've got someone great and valuable on your team. Kind regards, Megan  
- Megan, 30 June 2020
  Tania Macdonald from Debtcare is professional, quick to respond to any query, and knows exactly what she is doing. She makes the debt review process easier . I would reccomend Debtcare as a debt review service provider.  
- Sajedah E, May 2020
  I had the best experience with Debt review. They helped me immediately and within a month I received my payment plan and I could breathe. My repayment plan is excellent and I am very happy for the low interest. I want to thank Tayna Wilson for all her help. This is really a Company that will go the extra mile for their people. Salome van Zyl  
- Salome S, December 2019
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