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Amazing people, Amazing Team. Thank you Tania McDonald for your awesome service. My debt is been paid of sooner as I was expected. Thank you for helping me in the time I need it the most. Without your help and guidance I would never have made it. Thank you, thank you!!!
- Edwina C,
15 September 2021
Tanya, you move my heart; In my lifetime I have met very few people with so much care and compassion, you are an Angel. I am grateful with all my heart and feel so blessed and honoured for the privilege to have crossed paths with you. I really need to share with you what you brought back into my life. You know how low I was when you first connected with me, I was so scared and lost and did not know where to turn, I lost hope and gave up on my dream of launching my ultimate business dream, then I connected with you, I did not think that people like you exist anymore, you treat me with respect and you care despite of what you deal with in your own life and in a job filled with so many heartache and challenges daily. You gave me back the hope, self esteem and courage to move forward and as I write this I am busy with proposals leading to finalising the first stage in setting up a business that will create thousands of jobs and feed even more children and people in need. I am grateful beyond words Tanya, you not only saved me and my boys, you inspire me to get up and be better every day filled with hope and a restored faith in humanity. I am forever grateful!
- Marelize van Tonder,
2 July 2021
Good morning Trust this email finds you in you in good health. The reason for my email is to commend Kurt Nicholas  on his excellent service. From the first day he has been patient , professional ,helpful and very efficient. During these difficult times it is welcoming to deal with someone who offers you a little bit of kindness. He is indeed an asset to your company. I would like to thank you and the company for your assistance. Kind regards, Yvette Syce
- Yvette Syce,
1 July 2021

Re: Debt Care and Tania Mac Donald, Queries Administrator excellent service

I'd like to take the opportunity to commend Debt Care on the utmost professional service they have provided me. In today's corrupt world they've held my hand to take charge of my financial woes. I want to make a special mention to Tania Mac Donald, Queries Administrator at Debt Care who with a calm and collected character went out of her way to always set my mind at ease. She deserves to be rewarded or even promoted for her professionalism and caring nature. I thank you Tania and I hope that this little sign of appreciation will turn into big rewards for you. Keep up the good work.

- Jamile H,
09 Oct 2020

Excellence Services Adrian Swanepoel Debt Care

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adrian Swanepoel from Debt Care for his excellence services that i'm getting from him. He is always on the ball when I called and need assistance. He is always pleasant. I hope you stay this way and continue to help all your client they way you have treated me.

- Riaan B,
21 Apr 2021
Debt Free

I would Like to thank Nicole De Kock on the wonderful service she provided. She was really patient with me and always responds to my emails. She and her team out done themselves. Thanks to them I am debt free today

- Nicholas S,
21 Apr 2021

Adrian Swanepoel

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Adrian Swanepoel from Debt Care for his excellence and professional services he offered me, He acts quick and is responsive to any quire when needed assistance. Dankie Adrian, jy is goud werd vir Debt Care!!!

- Marius S,
23 Apr 2021

Debt Free

Its been a great journey with the company. Thank you to Thulani who initially helped me and made the process easy for me. After he left the company i was then assisted by Ongezwa Sisusa who was very helpful. Im proud to say today im debt free all because of Debt care.

- Sisipho N,
11 May 2021

Diligent work by Ongezwa at debtcare

I'm grateful for assistance and great service I recieved from Ongezwa Sisusa at debt care. She assisted me speedily and provided all the required documents. She was professional at all times and resolved all the problems I had diligently. Thank you

- Ntobeko M,
23 May 2021
Most Excellent service from ngezwa Sisusa I would just like to mention the absolute gem of a person that Debt Care have in Ongezwa Sisusa. I have been assisting my wife through here final months of debt review and have taken over communicating with Debt Care. The reason for this is that we've not had a very positive experience with the company and the process up to that point. I was fortunate to come into contact with the very knowledgeable and compassionate Ongezwa Sisusa. From helping me to understand the current state of affairs, at that point, to helping with getting account statements and doing recons on outstanding amounts and payments made, and subsequent picking up and correcting of errors, Ongezwa was throughout very helpful and responded so quickly, I was beginning to think that she was assigned only to our case. We have finally gotten a final clearance certificate yesterday, saying that my wife is free and clear of all debt, which was a huge relief. Ongezwa, on her part, dealt with all my many emails with absolute care and diligence, which was quite frankly, quite unexpected. I do hope this message find it's way to her superiors and that they use her as an example of how to treat clients.
- Jaco S,
26 May 2021

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