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Money doesn’t only affect your bank balance.

Unfortunately, it can cause many problems in your life as well as your family’s lives. With the right advice, these problems can be avoided or controlled to minimise its impact. We’ve asked the top legal, financial and emotional counsellors to share their expert advice on dealing with debt-related problems in your life.

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27 June 2018

Four things you should know before taking a Debt Consolidation Loan.

When people start feeling the pressure of bad debt, one of the first solutions they think of is a consolidated loan. At first glance it seems pretty attractive, right? Instead of trying to keep track of all your separate repayments every month, a debt consolidation loan combines debts from several creditors. You then make one payment to one creditor every month, instead of multiple payments to multiple creditors. Sounds great! But what people tend to forget is what got them into debt in the first place – bad spending and saving habits. While a debt consolidation loan might ease the burden of […]

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2017 Budget Speech
31 May 2018

What does it mean to be legally protected under Debt Review?

People often ask us what it means to be legally protected under Debt Review.  To understand this, let’s recap what Debt Review (also known as Debt Counselling) is. Debt Review is a process where a Debt Counsellor follows certain steps to reduce your debt repayment amounts. As well as minimising these amounts, they consolidate it into one single payment. This ensures that you can afford to make your debt repayments and cover your basic living expenses, without struggling financially every month.

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What does Junk Status mean?
3 May 2018

Six signs that you have too much debt.

How much debt is too much debt? It’s a simple question that not many of us are able to answer. Here we look six red flags that you have too much debt.

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What does Junk Status mean?
10 April 2017

What exactly does Junk Status mean?

It’s been on everyone’s lips for the last two weeks – Junk Status. After a less-than-surprising sacking of former finance ministers Gordhan last week, both the Rand and ratings agency S&P Global Ratings reacted almost immediately.

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25 January 2017

Ten budget tips for the new year

If you are anything like us, your News Year’s resolutions probably included weight loss and better budgeting for 2017. In fact, 90% of all New Year’s resolutions made include improved financial health. And while it’s easy to promise yourself to work on a better bank balance in the new year, it often proves more difficult to stick to. We’ve put together 10 budget tips to help you budget better and stick to that new year’s resolution.

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Is Trump trouble for South African debt?
30 November 2016

Is Trump trouble for South African debt?

Just when we thought 2016 couldn’t get more interesting, Donald Trump gets elected as president of the United States. After months of tireless campaigning across the US, Americans took to the ballot boxes and decided: Hillary, you’re fired!

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