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Money doesn’t only affect your bank balance.

Unfortunately, it can cause many problems in your life as well as your family’s lives. With the right advice, these problems can be avoided or controlled to minimise its impact. We’ve asked the top legal, financial and emotional counsellors to share their expert advice on dealing with debt-related problems in your life.

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28 August 2018

Break the shame and debt cycle.

Imagine for a second we gave you the following two choices. You could either get up in front of a large group of strangers and share your weight, or you could share the amount of debt you have. Which one would you choose to share? How about if we asked you to reveal which debt you’re most embarrassed about? Would it be the mount you have outstanding on your credit card, clothing account or money you borrowed from family? For most of us, sharing our credit score or the amount of debt we have brings up feelings of anxiety. 

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Should you merge your finances?
25 July 2018

Divorce and debt

When considering the causes of debt, all the common culprits spring to mind don’t they? Loss of a job, increase in living costs due to the economy, bad spending habits that max out credit cards, debt consolidation loans, to name a few. To most of us it comes as a surprise that divorce is also one of the major causes of debt.

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27 June 2018

Four things you should know before taking a Debt Consolidation Loan.

When people start feeling the pressure of bad debt, one of the first solutions they think of is a consolidated loan. At first glance it seems pretty attractive, right? Instead of trying to keep track of all your separate repayments every month, a debt consolidation loan combines debts from several creditors. You then make one payment to one creditor every month, instead of multiple payments to multiple creditors. Sounds great! But what people tend to forget is what got them into debt in the first place – bad spending and saving habits. While a debt consolidation loan might ease the burden of […]

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6 August 2018

NCR Send Out Renewal Certificates

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) register and monitor registrants under the National Credit Act such as Debt Counsellors and Credit Providers. They also issue certificates to show consumers that the person or company they are dealing with is registered with them and thus offering debt review legally. The NCR recently began issuing Debt Counsellors with annual renewal certificates when they pay their annual fees to remain registered. There are less registered Debt Counsellors these days than ever before as the NCR has been lapsing and deregistering hundreds of Debt Counsellors over the last 2 years. This means that consumers have a lot less […]

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6 August 2018

Reducing Interest Rates While In Debt Review

When a consumer enters debt review their Debt Counsellor will contact all their credit providers and get all their latest figures on their various accounts together. Armed with this information, they can look at different ways for the consumer to repay the debt. Once the Debt Counsellor has helped work out a new monthly budget with the consumer (which takes into account monthly saving towards annual expenses) they will know how much money is available to repay debt. When The Matter Goes To Court A Debt Counsellor can then make a recommendation to the court on how the debt can be settled […]

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What does Junk Status mean?
10 April 2017

What exactly does Junk Status mean?

It’s been on everyone’s lips for the last two weeks – Junk Status. After a less-than-surprising sacking of former finance ministers Gordhan last week, both the Rand and ratings agency S&P Global Ratings reacted almost immediately.

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