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Money doesn’t only affect your bank balance.

Unfortunately, it can cause many problems in your life as well as your family’s lives. With the right advice, these problems can be avoided or controlled to minimise its impact. We’ve asked the top legal, financial and emotional counsellors to share their expert advice on dealing with debt-related problems in your life.

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1 August 2019

Stop Running Out Of Money By The 1st Of Every Month

Payday. Your bank account is full. You finally have money to restock your fridge, buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing, or treat yourself to dinner at the new restaurant in town. Then your account gets debited, you find yourself spending a bit too much, running out of money and worrying later in the month how you’re going to pay your bills. If you’ve run out of money by the first of every month you might have to readjust your spending strategy and relook your debt. Dealing With a Monthly Paycheque A monthly paycheque can be the mother of all challenges. One way […]

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3 July 2019

Defaulting on your repayments? New data reports say you’re not alone.

If you are struggling to manage your budget, it may give you some comfort to know you are not alone. A higher number of South Africans using credit are defaulting on their credit cards, personal loans, vehicle finance and home loan agreements for the first time, data from one of the country’s top consumer credit bureaux shows. “Consumers’ disposable incomes have been under even more pressure in recent months. For many, the reality is that survival in difficult economic times involves taking on more debt to service short-term needs. And in many cases, these are unsecured loans that will affect […]

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Debt Collection - know your rights
30 May 2019

10 Signs That You’re Ready For Debt Counselling

Petrol prices, new carbon tax, staggering unemployment rates, SA rated as one of the least competitive economies in the world – things aren’t looking good for the South African consumer, and experts say it’s not getting better any time soon. In fact, the central bank warned on Wednesday that consumer defaults are growing, meaning that a larger percentage of consumers with debt are defaulting on at least three payments. Their findings are supported by a review done by the Johannesburg Citizen newspaper which confirmed that bad debts are turning the lives of struggling families into a nightmare, with an estimated 550,000 […]

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6 August 2018

NCR Send Out Renewal Certificates

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) register and monitor registrants under the National Credit Act such as Debt Counsellors and Credit Providers. They also issue certificates to show consumers that the person or company they are dealing with is registered with them and thus offering debt review legally. The NCR recently began issuing Debt Counsellors with annual renewal certificates when they pay their annual fees to remain registered. There are less registered Debt Counsellors these days than ever before as the NCR has been lapsing and deregistering hundreds of Debt Counsellors over the last 2 years. This means that consumers have a lot less […]

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6 August 2018

Reducing Interest Rates While In Debt Review

When a consumer enters debt review their Debt Counsellor will contact all their credit providers and get all their latest figures on their various accounts together. Armed with this information, they can look at different ways for the consumer to repay the debt. Once the Debt Counsellor has helped work out a new monthly budget with the consumer (which takes into account monthly saving towards annual expenses) they will know how much money is available to repay debt. When The Matter Goes To Court A Debt Counsellor can then make a recommendation to the court on how the debt can be settled […]

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What does Junk Status mean?
10 April 2017

What exactly does Junk Status mean?

It’s been on everyone’s lips for the last two weeks – Junk Status. After a less-than-surprising sacking of former finance ministers Gordhan last week, both the Rand and ratings agency S&P Global Ratings reacted almost immediately.

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